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Canadian Ski Patrol Leadership Conference

We just got back from the 2017 leadership conference in Big White, where we learned that many resorts in Canada have an EDGE toboggan already (foremerly known as "The Clipper") from when the company was based out of Canada.

A Little History: The EDGE was originally designed and produced by master canoe and kayak designer, James Van Nostrand. Sadly, James lost his battle with cancer, and since then, EDGE was honored to take that original vision that started in a canoe shop in Canada and catapult it into what it is today. Five years ago,  EDGE Rescue was founded and moved to the foot of Mt. Hood. Unfortunately, when this transfer happened, there was no record of which resorts in Canada already had an EDGE.

THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN! Help us find our EDGE! Send us an email and let us know if you're one of these resorts, pass along the information to neighboring resorts, or even let us know if your resort is interested in becoming the newest member of the EDGE family. We still ship to Canada (this includes new toboggans, parts, chair loaders, ANYTHING!) and our top priority is to ensure you're getting the maximum out of your EDGE's potential.

We would love to hear from you! Send us an email today!