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Edge Rescue has a unique opportunity to travel the US and Canada every year visiting resorts and demonstrating the Edge's capabilities. While on the road we meet patrollers, directors, resort managers, professional skiers, professional ski-bums...the list goes on! In our quest to support like-minded, locally owned companies like ours, we've partnered with amazing companies to not only get their name out there, but to make the greatest products available to our patrollers.  


Keeping with our local sourcing policy, Deviation Ski and Snowboard Works is based out of Portland. Building beautifully custom made skis and snowboards that perform even better than they look.

EDGE Rescue is your source for pro-sales on Deviation skis and snowboards.


With more than 30 years in the snow safety industry, Arva is continually committed to create, produce, and develop new ideas for the best back country products. In addition to respecting the environment and working conditions, the essence is in the detail, and the quality of their safety products shows this.

EDGE Rescue is your source for pro-sales on Arva products.

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"Our goal is to create product that meet the needs of today’s consumer”. The Auclair brand is one of the oldest and most respected gloves in North America. From alpine skiing, mountaineering, to biking, Auclair has got you covered.

We are proud to offer pro-sales on Auclair products. 


D Curve is a Colorado based company that was established to promote premium outdoor eyewear and gear at a modest price. They go back to the basics by personally developing and testing every product. Also, like EDGE Rescue, they are constantly challenging the status quo to help shift paradigms.  

 D Curve, redefine WTF!


Performance apparel that keeps pace with the latest in nanotechnology, technical fabrics and biochemical patterning. We've tested a lot of products from several "base layer" manufacturers, and Virus consistently outperforms and blows away their competition.

EDGE Rescue offers pro-pricing for all seasons of your Virus wear. 


Char Poles were dreamt up by Alex while attending University of Utah when he was asked "What do you love? And what would make it better?" For Alex, his passion was skiing, but he'd never been able to find the perfect pole. So he created it!! 

Char Poles are produced locally in Salt Lake City! From fishing in streams, conquering a mountain, or hitting the slopes, they're perfect for every adventurer's needs! Oh...and did we mention the baskets have a bottle opener?! Perfect after a long day of exploring!